Mint Condition Galaxy Note 3

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Phone sold!



Well, I've jumped ship to Verizon as I needed better signal where I am working and to be more likely moving to soon.


so without ado I am selling my Galaxy Note 3, for $300, including a Black Spigen S-View Case (S-view part does not work as Samsung has disabled 3rd party s-view cases from working but window can be disconnected from main case), also good condition.


There are no scratches on the screen, no dents, blemishes, issues with touch screen, has newest OS update.


This has the 32GB/3GB option.


Here is the needed info/pics:


Name: Veteranmina

Location: SW Missouri

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Black 32GB/3GB model

Price asking: $300

Paypal Address: To be given to person wanting to negotiate.


(I'll still stick around on here as although i've left UsCellular, I couldn't leave teamuscellular because the community is great here.

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