So, how should we refer to the new Moto X?

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So Motorola announced the Moto X today. Not the X2. Not the X+1. But a new Moto X that will replace the old Moto X. The new Moto X will have a 5.2" screen, 2.5ghz Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor, and an aluminum frame. Price point is $99 w/contract, or $499 off contract. Motorola will cease production of the old Moto X, and the remaining stock cleared out "to avoid confusion".


So, how do we differentiate between the two phones? Should they be known as Gen 1 & Gen 2? Or what about using the year, like with the Nexus 7's? We could call them Moto X 2013 & Moto X 2014. Anyone want me to make a poll? I'll edit later and put one in if there are any other suggestions.

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Probably the same as nexus devices. Moto X 2013 or 2014 is what I'd say lol.

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