★☞ [Rom] [Wizenheimer-Lite v3.0] [trlteusc Note 4][11-29-14][NJ7] ☜★

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Wizenhiemer - Lite Less Filling... Tastes Great



Welcome to Wizenheimer-Lite for the Galaxy Note 4! The goal is to offer you a customizable ROM slimmed down, with excellent performance and long battery life! Enjoy




Built using N910R4USC1ANJ7 as it's base.


  • Knox-Free

  • Rooted

  • BusyBox

  • Zipaligned

  • 4 Way Boot Menu

  • Init.d support

  • Modified TouchWiz Launcher for extra speed

  • 360 degree rotation toggle

  • Lock Screen Torch Option (Settings/Display and wallpaper/Torchlight)

  • Disabled Increasing Ringtone

  • Native Call Recording (Recordings are saved in sdcard/Call folder)

  • Removed Safe Volume Warning

  • Smooth Scrolling Mod

  • Device Status Info "Official" Instead Of "Custom"

  • Read/Write to external storage

  • Ad blocking (no need for an app)

  • Muted Boot Sounds

  • Message App (Enable font size with Volume Key)

  • 3minit Battery settings (1,070+ battery styles to choose from with a single click)

  • Battery Bar (Miui style)

  • Removed S-Finder & Connect from pull down notifications

  • Removed Samsung Keyboard patent block and added Auto-Correct back into it

  • Shorten the Long Press Timeout Delay from 500ms to 200ms on stock Samsung Keyboard

  • Use the Camera to take pictures while on a call

  • Camera Quality Mod / Time Limit Extender

  • Sprint LTE Icon

  • My Pullup Mod (Select the app you want to open from Magazine pull up)

  • Fixed ext sd card support.

  • All toggles enabled in SystemUI

  • 5X5 Launcher

  • Optimized CSC and build.prop

  • CRT Animation

  • Set Secure Storage to False

  • Festival Effects Enabled in Settings

  • Viper4Android Sound

  • Ink Effect Lock Screen Mod





  • batMODxda_zps951e413f.gif

This ROM includes the 3Minit Battery Mod all credit for this goes to gharrington, more info and his original post can be found here:


If you like his work please hit the Thanks button or donate to him.

This mod allows you to view an increasing 1,070 battery types, from different users. With a single click, the battery will download and set itself on to the status bar.
Storage space is not affected by thousands of unused .png's. They're stored on a server and the App only downloads the type you use.



  • This Rom is able to be installed on the USC N910R4 Galaxy Note 4.
  • I am not responsible for anything that may happen or happens to your phone as a result of this custom firmware/Rom. You are choosing to install this yourself and thus assume any/all risks involved.


1. Download latest Wizenheimer Rom
2. Reboot into Recovery
3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
4. Wipe cache and dalvik cache
5. Install Rom
6. Reboot (First Boot may take up to 10 mins)
7. Let Phone sit for 10 minutes
8. Reboot again
9. Enjoy!





MD5: 5c7b6619ddf23f5c5e70455ed1c19710


Older Builds:


MD5: b3668f6bda9f7c052cdb8e1a92824ee7



MD5: baf2e09ed4af5804e005c2d7edd623d8



MD5: 2d78b8c78e2daad0891bc3419f8fc783


TWRP Recovery for USC:



Stock NJ7 Kernel


MD5: 9a0a2cb7366e7199cdef60209b8cf18f



TouchWiz Launchers Fashable zips.





4X5 No Labels






5X5 No Labels



5X6 No Labels









Stay Thirsty my Friends



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