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I might have missed it, but my daughter's Nexus 6 shows "Roaming Indicator Off" on her display, and was wondering if there was a fix for this? I don't wish to root the phone, or do anything that might ruin any warranty.

The Nexus line of phones is the EASIEST to root and restore from root to 100% undetectable warranty status. There is no way they can tell if you unroot and relock the bootloader.

There is no way I am aware of to fix it without root.

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Thanks everyone for the comments.


Pretty sure noone in this forum has met my daughter, but she has a unique way of breaking phones in ways few would ever consider.  As long as it doesn't affect the performance of the phone, then she can just deal with it like others do.


It's interesting though that you would think USCC would be able to fix this with a very quick update.


Thanks again...

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