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Sorry ya'll for the issues.  Our host's host lost a SATA controller which then corrupted both the main hard drive and the backup.  Josh (our main host guy) is going to have data recovery done on the hard drives but we have no ETA.  My last backup was from February and that's what we're using now.  Mostly the downloads from our site ( are missing.  If you notice a missing file, let the owner know and see if they can reupload.  Sorry, but it's outside Josh or I's control.  Stuff might be recovered later but I don't want to rely on that.


This weekend I plan on upgrading and getting us to a faster server.  Will keep everyone updated on that.

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I know I saw one with like 20 Sata 3 ports, but i couldn't find it in a pinch.


To be fair - ive never seen/heard of a sata card failing... let alone 2 (wiping out the backup) - so my guess is.... a garbage raid card (hmm...) or a garbage mobo - but... 

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