Updated FAQ on unlocking/GSM capability on USCC devices - 4/21/2015

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So if I were to get a new iPhone 6 (or 6s) under 2yr contract I could take out the USCC sim and put in one from one Verizon? Or any GSM carrier and it'd work? Or do I need to get it sim unlocked first? (Sorry for the noob questions, never dealt with new iOS devices before.)

Basically I want to use my brothers upgrade (He got a new 6P) for a iPhone as a backup phone and to be used just for fun.



If it behaves like a nexus it should work - but you have to unlock them through uscc - so... it might not work.


I'd try it out if you can - i dont have one to test anymore.

There is no longer any need to unlock them for domestic use, unless you have a 4s


So I can buy a new 6s on contract and it's good to use on any US Carrier? I apologize for repeating my question I just want to get all my ducks in a row. As much as I hate iOS, I like having cross carrier compatible phones, and although I love my Nexus I don't really think it's worth the buy over a new iPhone at the moment for the same price. 


Exactly, it's fully unlocked and can be used on any CDMA or GSM carrier.


Perfect. Thank you. 

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Figured I'd update this after a year with new information.


Unlocked USCC Sammies don't get LTE data on CDMA networks such as Verizon, even if it supports band 13. This is because the APN settings are locked out when using a USCC device on a CDMA network. I am unsure if this is the same case if using a SIM from a GSM carrier.

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