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I agree as well with wording is a mother.... but that's just it. Everyone is so tied up on wording in life and how they can make it work for them. Businesses and consumers alike.


Apple rebranded all "Free" apps to "Get" because people argued it wasn't free if you had/could pay for in-apps to advance.  No, really, the APP is FREE.... you choose what to pay after that.


Just simple wording is what I'm saying.  Yea, we can debate forever for sure but isn't that the beauty of it?  I just get frustrated when we focus on the same thing over and over.  We get it, the wording is crafty for everyone/everything.  Politics/government has been like this forever and trickles down from there.  It happens.  Wanna change it?  Go start a lawsuit probably..... however, we all know they're covered somehow by that fine print.  We're all back at square one. :)

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Some people don't have that $150 at one time either. Do ya'll argue with banks about "interest" on loans and such so that they stay in business? No. Yea, I hear ya'll moaning that "but they tell you the interest rate".... whoopdee doo. US Celular tells you the connection fee. It's NOT hidden. Same crap difference. Seriously, for the love of (whatever higher power you believe in) get the heck over it...

I do agree but do banks say or advertise free $150? I don't think so... Sure it isn't hidden but if they aren't trying to cover it in fine print then say for a $10 a month connection fee get a tablet.

Plus if I don't have the cash to buy something outright like a tablet I don't get it as like it has been said if it is too good to be true it probably is a rip off.

The G Pad 7.0 Wifi only is selling for $131.25 at time of writing.

So a 24 month contract would be $10 + $1.82 reg fee + taxes/fees per month = $283.68 + taxes vs $131.25 + taxes if you don't want LTE.

Just for infromational purposes. =-X

Wow over paying roughly $150.00 for a "free" (1 cent) tablet... Hmmm scratching my head on this one....


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So when you get a penny phone, do you consider that free?
I believe you said it was free in your original post. You didn't come out saying free but with a data connection fee of $10 per month or a penny... I did not see the fine print on your original post... Hmmm an employee saying free without disclosing the fine print or related charges.... Scratching my head now a representative of the company saying free without truly disclosing the other fine print...

There's a new promotion which runs through Mothers day that starts today.

IPhone 6 16gb $99.99

G flex 2 $49.99

Free g pad 7.0 with any new line or when you upgrade from a basic to smartphone.

Oh but that is right this is the internet and you have to believe everything. Does it come with a piece of the London bridge as an accessory? ;)

Umm I have always paid for my phones... Wish I had a penny phone... Almost got a penny phone once but that was a subsidized price and i know that i am actually paying for that device with my plan at the time. Plus that was for a phone not a tablet that doesnt need cellular data or a cellular connection... But then again I will never have an iPhone...

I still have that question pending, after 24 months does the charge for that tablet automatically come off of the customers account?

Now Adam, please lock this thread as we can go back and forth until the end of time. Can we agree on that at least? I have my beliefs that companies are out to rip us all off and then you have others who think the koolaid tastes good, sorry, then there are others who like what the companies are doing.... *cough* It just gets my goat when someone puts the word free out there when it isn't truly free whether in the fine print or not. Be open and honest about it your company will be better off....

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Honestly forgot to type free gPad with contract. However I didn't say the contract disclaimer thingy after the phone prices either.

My bad, just assumed people knew there was a contract with lower priced equipment. And when I assume, I make an a$$ of U and me.

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Free doesn’t mean free anymore in the cell phone business just like unlimited doesn’t mean unlimited.

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