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I know what is said about opinions, and I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question but..................................


I purchased a new 64Gb class 10 micro sd card to use in my S4, I want to give it a fresh format before I use it.


My thought process is to format it in the phone as that is where it will be used... as opposed to formatting it with my computer and card reader.


Any advantage one way or the other? 


I will put the card in my laptop reader to actually transfer the data from the existing card to the new one, as well as adding the new data to put on it.


Thanks, Scott.

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No real advantage or disadvantage to either one. Personal preference, IMO.

As long as the phone sees it, you're golden. Some people aren't too savvy with PCs and don't know how to format it for a phone (nothing special or difficult) - so I usually recommend they just do it in the phone.

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Ok, update... 

Got the card today, put it in the phone to format it, all is well so far......


Once I realized I needed to install the exfat app's(ie drivers), I was able to load the card with all the info from the old one as well as the extra movie videos.


Re-installed the card in the phone, phone reads it a-ok, movies play just fine and the camera can write to it, so all is good.


I got a Samsung 64Gb class10 from Amazon for $25(on sale), only to see that it's now $20(more sale).....oh well not going to fret over $5.....

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