Downgrading 5.1 > 4.4.2 (Lollipop to KitKat)

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After messing with LP for a few months, I felt a downgrade to KitKat was in order.  Honestly, I always thought if felt like a smoother / quicker OS anyways.  I found the instructions on XDA and it seemed like a fairly "safe" method (given what I know about phone hacking)



  • Unlocked bootloader ( I currently have TWRP recovery installed)
  • Copy of the official Moto X 4.4.2 SBF -
  • copy of the "mfastboot.exe" command
  • BACKUP - BACKUP - BACKUP!!!  I can't stress this enough!! You will wipe all data, photos, downloads, etc. when doing this!!


  • Extract from the ZIP - boot.img / system.img / recovery.img (optional - I retained TWRP as my recovery)
  • Boot the phone to the bootloader, connect to PC via USB, and run the following commands:
mfastboot erase cache mfastboot erase userdata mfastboot flash boot boot.imgmfastboot flash recovery recovery.img (I skipped this as I retained TWRP)mfastboot flash system system.imgmfastboot erase userdatamfastboot reboot
  • NOTE:  The user on XDA stressed that you need to run the final "erase userdata" as listed to avoid a bootloop.  
  • Once finished, the phone reboots, and you are back to KitKat

ONE WARNING!!! - DO NOT TAKE AN OFFICIAL UPDATE ONCE DOWNGRADED!!  There is a strong possibility of a hard brick.  If you would like to return to Lollipop, it would need to be done manually via fastboot commands.

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Not sure why nobody posted this long ago. There's no reason you would brick downgrading or upgrading because of doing this.

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As long as one doesn't try RSD-lite or manually flashing the bootloader (motoboot.img) or the partition table (gpt.bin) everything is good.

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