6.0.1 radio issues

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I like you BorNX. Teaching me new things everyday!

I thought it was a modem flash fix. Good to know, man!

I may just flash back to 08M seems to be the easiest fix.

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Right. Pulling an older radio won't fix it, the issue is in the 6.0.1 ROM itself, it is defaulting to blank APNs, then in toggling airplane mode on and off again it "remembers" them. This is an OS issue, not the modem.

Ya sure? Im running 6.0.1 stock/rooted, except my radio is the 6.0.0 one and im not having the issue anymore that I was having on the 6.0.1 radio where you have to toggle airplane mode on every startup.


EDIT: This shouldn't matter as it is a software issue, but just keep in mind this is on the moto nexus 6 not the 6p (I'm not sure who has the 6p, except for @rub, because of him specifying a build number for the 6p)

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