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Stock MM with Frankenkernel!

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I've hated marshmallow on this phone since it came out. I've gone back to stock lollipop almost a dozen times, buy always end up taking the ota after a bit because I hate not running the newest Android lol.

I hate how laggy MM is, and also can't stream music (which I still haven't fixed). But I've been running Frankenkernel. I still want happy with that, with stock settings or the profiles people have posted. So I took it on myself to tweak and mod everything to get the best performance possible. Just like I did for KToonsez with my S4. If you also notice MM lagging and not scrolling smooth, try these settings:

Small cores set to 1248MHz, with conservative goveror.

Big cores to 1536MHz. Interactive governor (I may still try other governors for the big cores).

I'm using the fiops I/O scheduler, and a read ahead of 1048.

GPU I haven't touched the speed, but I'm running cpufreq gov.

I have kernel samepage merging (ksm) enabled under miscellaneous settings.

For TCP congestion I always use Westwood.

It's the smoothest Android I've ever used, but I'm not sure how battery life will be.

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I love the details in the experience!  Seriously, if more people did this, the whole noob environment would love it - makes learning things so...sooo much easier.

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Anyone who has done little-to-no research in the topic of android modification or customization.


Not you, as, obviously, you know what youre doing.


Silly goose


...silly moose!


Seriously, though, I wasnt referring to you at all, just that others, new to this kind of thing, would find YOUR info useful in their quest to the optimal experience with using their phone.


Thats all - I think you were joking, but im not sure... Kinda scared.  Like I cant eat my nachos now, scared.

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