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My 6P will be here today. Opinions for best root method??? I figure it will be stock and locked for about 5 min after it's activated. I see from post it's still best too tell them its a 5x when activating it?

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IMHO the best, and really the only way to root a Nexus device from Windows anyway is always WUG's toolkit.


99% of the time I tell people to do it manually with adb, but WUG's does it all, installs drivers, and sets everything up 100% for what you need.


It's literally perfect. It's the best way for any Nexus device, IMHO. Just take a little time to learn all the functions of the program and what they actually do, because it's really nice and it's a very very strong program too.


But once you learn all the different functions of the program you won't need anything else really. 

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! That was the easy!!

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Welcome! That's the beauty of Nexus devices, and why I will only buy them in the future if I can. They are always easy to root and re root, no warranty to worry about because you can always un root and relock. 

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