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The g5 looks very interesting to me. I would never use the slot in it except to change batteries but if the USB connector slides out too(I assume it does) it could come in very handy and hopefully cheaper if you happen to break your charging Jack.

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On 2/22/2016 at 3:01 PM, outcasted2003 said:

I've also readicon1.png that LG is disabling adoptive storage on the G5, for much the same reasons, so it's not just nasty old Samsung.  However, if you want adoptable storage on your s7, and probably the g5, someone's already figured out how to enable what the manufacturers disabled.  They didn't remove it, just disabled the function, and it isn't a big deal to fix, as long as you realize if you take the card out of your phone nothing else will read it.  Positives and negatives to that.

Just realized that link just talks about it, here's the link with actual instructions.

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