Worth the $240?

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Hi all,

I recently had my N6 take a tumble of about 5 ft, and crushed the screen .

I am not eligible for an upgrade, and really not in the spot to spend 4-500 for a new Nexus or Moto X pure.

I noticed USCC has reduced the msrp to $240, so I should be able to buy outright.

With it being around a yr old, should it stand the test of time for the next 18 months or so? Looks like it just received Marshmallow, which is nice. My guess is there won't be any additional updates.

Also, reading on other forums, there are many having a random loop screen flaw. Does USCC variants have this flaw?

Thanks for any input you guys may have.

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idk what that flaw is, but not that im aware of?


The G5 is already speculated... launching sometime this year.


You can't root it - if thats important to you.

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