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LG G3 Marshmallow


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After Verizon, Sprint’s subscribers will be the second ones to upgrade their G4 devices, then AT&T, US Cellular and T-Mobile. We don’t guarantee that there won’t be any delays, because sometimes, carriers face all kinds of issues. The older G3 was upgraded by Verizon, and soon, this update will be released by AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Sprint. By the end of this month, the international variant of this model is expected to be upgraded as well, skipping the version 5.1, according to a report from Know Your Mobile, which was published in December.

Sad part is, we can't know any faster than you will know.  The moment you know, odds are we will know shortly after that.



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Don't be in a big rush, I have the LG G3 on Verizon and the Marshmallow update is not the greatest. Seems to run more battery time and there have been a few quirky things like the battery full notification stopped and the response with the back button seems to run slower since the upgrade. Nothing major as far as plus things that I have noticed other than the font changes.

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