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G 3rd Gen Internal Memory Management

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I have had my G 3rd Gen for about a week and a half, and questioning the phone's ability to manage its internal memory.


At first I thought the e-mail was consuming internal memory, but deleting e-mail accounts failed to reduce internal memory usage. So some app updates came across, and now the internal memory is max'd or nearly max'd out.


I have moved all available apps to sd; and I have moved all my data to sd; using the processes in the phone's settings. I have actually been doing this from the get-go.


I never had this issue with my Moto X (16 Gb), even with triple the apps on it and no sd capability. 


So the question(s) is, will the operating system keep consuming phone internal memory? Even if I (keep) removing a lesser important app from time to time? Eventually, loosing all user installed apps?


Are there any tweaks to Settings/Apps to resolve this?


The reason why I ask, is I get 2 weeks to try the phone and if I don't like it, I can opt to another phone. That time is Wednesday, and sadly, US Cellular has a poor selection of Motorola phones.

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Look in your Storage settings and see what is taking up space. There's a bar chart that shows you what's occupying space (Apps, Photos, Videos, Music, Miscellaneous, etc.). If you need further assistance, post screenshots of the Storage settings and I'll take a looksie.

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I think I figured out a work around.


  1. In Settings, Storage, scroll down the the Move media option. Select it and move any pictures, movies, and music to SD.
  2. Then using Android Assistant app, I use their App2SD feature and move any available program in the list to SD.
  3. Continuing with Android Assistant app, I use their System Clear feature and clear select files / stuff there.
  4. Then update apps in Play Store.
  5. After which, I do #2 above again, moving apps to SD.

Seems that some apps reinstall themselves to regular memory on updating.


Thank you BoгИX for your help!



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