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Hey guys, I just got my XPE activated Saturday.  I'd already rooted and ROM'd it (running TruPureXMM, slimmed down and FrankenClark kernel) with Xposed.  I'm not super thrilled with the battery.  I do realize that it's still settling in, as it seems to get marginally better each day, but I don't have a good average of my system-on time or my screen on time for a full charge yet.  But it doesn't seem spectacular.


What kind of battery life are y'all getting?  



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I don't have any accurate times, but the wife's phone will make it a day plus with average use. It's all stock, no root, etc.



Just checked her phone..

Took off charger at 6pm last night (25 hrs ago), 1hr 42min screen on, Bluetooth for her pebble - 46% left.

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