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Moto G (4th Gen) Activation


Would USCC activate a Bestbuy bought MOTO G 4G LTE 32gb?  I'm not sure the ESN would be in the database.  The phone is purchased unlocked.




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I was in a chat with a Motorola rep and have saved where i was told that the Moto G 4th generation, both versions, will be available to be activated on the USCellular network and that it would activate.

Chat Transcript08/09/2016 11:46 AM[11:36:07 AM] Hi, my name is Abigail. How may I help you?

[11:36:16 AM] david: Hello.

[11:36:43 AM] david: I am curious if the MOTO G4 Plus or for that matter the plain MOTO G4 will be accepted on the US Cellular network?

[11:37:02 AM] Abigail: We appreciate your interest in getting a Motorola product and thank you for contacting our customer support center. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and are always happy to resolve your product questions.

[11:37:08 AM] david: I know it says it is unlocked but I do not see them mentioned and when trying to moto maker one of them the US Cellular SIM is not listed...

[11:37:39 AM] Abigail: In regards to your concern. Yes definitely Moto G 4 will work on all carriers. Except Boost mobile and republic wireless.

[11:38:55 AM] david: so then I can safely say that if I were to order a G4 or G4 Plus and take it to US Cellular that they should activate it without any issue correct?

[11:40:05 AM] Abigail: Yes definitely.

[11:40:44 AM] david: so if I run into any issues is there something special I need to tell them as I have heard issues with others trying to activate unlocked devices like this before.

[11:42:45 AM] Abigail: Nothing. Incase you need further assistance please feel free to contact us because here in Motorola we value our customers and we will do our best to resolve any concern and issues our customer have as soon as possible.

[11:43:04 AM] david: thank you Abigail! Appreciate your time and attention.

[11:43:49 AM] 'david' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user'). [---001:002825:22333---]

Now whether they can do it without issues is another story but according to Motorola it should, either of them, should activate okie dokie.

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If it's a "pure" version, it should work - however, if it isn't, and was purchased unlocked, then no, it wont work on the network.


Call them, try it, can't hurt.

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