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Trying to find lag

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Thought I'd share this, apparently it's all but impossible to lag out the Pixel XL jumping app to app from the home screen.

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Well, he is only switching between 3 or 4 apps. He just keeps swiping through them. So I should hope it doesn't lag. What he needs to do to find lag is install all of his apps, and user them for a while. He should try Tapatalk, that's laggy no matter what phone you have.

I just tried this on my 6P and my animations are too slow to allow me to go as fast as he is (in fact, he may have sped up the video because it doesn't look real), but mine is just as smooth and lag free if I have nothing running and just keep switching between dialer, messenger, email, chrome.

Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk

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