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SM-N910R4, Set to GSM Networks

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Hello everyone

I buy one Samsun Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910R4, thinking its that working on GSM Networtk. Because I see in some page wrong information about this. And I got a big surprise when I put my SIM, and read the message "No service", and read here in the forum that my phone is just for CDMA Networks.
Can anyone help me, if possible, set the phone from CDMA to GSM Networks. Maybe modify te or some patch. or I'm screwed?=-


My apologies if someone already published something about this or if there is already some topic, and I am repeating it.
I would appreciate the redirect.


I apreciate any help.

Thanks Very much.

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Well sure, if you change the internals it would then be capable of whatever board you put in it.

If the 910V is GSM capable then it would then be GSM.

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