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14 hours ago, Zenzr said:

I have this one that I use when I'm not using the Zero Lemon.

I also have the stock Google case for it, but I don't like it aesthetically as much as the one above. 

I also use this one that Zenzr linked from amazon. In fact I think i was the one who recommended that he get it ;) I also like this one  

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I have this SUPCASE

Definitely like it for the protection so I use it most of the time. It has a screen protector.  My favorite part is that I can put it the proper way in my car mount and it's strong enough not to push the volume buttons. 


Any other case and I have to use my car mount 'backwards' (which means I have to use 2 hands to take it out of the mount)


Sometimes use this one from Spigen

I wouldn't recommend it as it is already starting to 'yellow' on the clear gel part. And the gel part attracts fingerprints and smudges like mad and they're hard to clean off.


So I'm looking to replace it with a Diztronic Voyeur I think.

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Added more info once I got to a computer.

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