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Hypothetical LG G3 US990 GSM Unlock

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Looks like people are able to enable GSM on US990 by flashing the Sprint LS990 kernel. If someone is willing to try this please let me know if it works or not.

If this is true that means FCC band certification doesn't mean doo-doo, additionally if you compare a USCC G3 motherboard with a Verizon G3 you'll notice the USCC G3 is missing many components and has empty solder pads anywhere, so I don't know how this is possible.


Also if this does work on the USCC G3 it will likely also work on the USCC G Flex 2 since the Sprint G Flex 2 supports GSM as well. Try it and let me know!


The user in the first thread was supposedly able to get calls up and running through GSM, but no data.


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1 hour ago, iR1O said:

I have a G3 and would be happy to try this out.


Will advise. I'll be testing a Tmobile sim

It looks like from the thread people were only able to pull 3G WCDMA, not GSM/EDGE. This may be due to the missing power amplifiers on the motherboard but AT&T shut down GSM this year so this is likely irrelevant.

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