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I am new here, obviously, and have questions. First, it doesn't seem like there are many custom ROMS for the N910R4, and I assume that's due to the fact that US Cellular has 133 customers so demand is low. However, my plan is to Odin TWRP, then flash SU through recovery. I use ROM Toolbox Pro by jrummy, and it has a great suite of apps, allowing me to make a number aesthetic changes, tweak performance, and it has a good app manager that will let me remove/add system apps. Ive flashed ROMS on phones, but with so many things that seem to go wrong with various ROMS, I have to ask what benefits come from these ROMs?

Secondly, what is deodexing and why?

Many ROMS seem to include an alphanumeric string that I find confusing, what does it signify?

What is baseband?

Personally I would like a stock N910R4 ROM to take apart and "fix."

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Starting off doing this stuff with a 3 year old niche phone made by Samsung on a regional carrier is gonna be pretty tough.

Development was never very popular because of the limited number of people with the device, the tiny fraction of those people who were developers, and that was when the phone was the hot new thing. Samsung has been stifling development on their devices slowly, locking things down tighter every update.

I'd suggest going with WoundTight's modified stock builds, and I think NickLovell made some solid SlimRom builds for the phone too.

The "ROM codes" you see are just the last 3 or 4 characters from the full sick firmware version build that it's based from.

Baseband = radio + bootloader (on Samsungs I believe, most devices it's just the modem)

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Thank you. Very informative.
It's a valid point about a 3-4 year old niche device having few options. None of the download links work, so unless I figure out how to build a ROM it seems I'm stuck with my stock software. Fortunately, I've been removing the useless system apps, got rid of the boot animation, and have made the device...better.
I like the Note 4. It has a lot of storage, has solid hardware, and a decent sized screen. I will keep it until it dies. I am considering unlocking it so I can use another carrier.

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