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Direct from Samsung J3 Emerge to US Cellular

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I am on a prepaid account and I got a J3 Emerge directly from Samsung. I am trying to get it to work on us cellular, when I talked to the activation department @ 611 and in store and they both said it can be activated on the spot, but they said since it's from samsung I had to call 611 back again. I gave them my MEID and IMEI + ICCID and they said yes it's supported for activation they asked for my phone number and asked me to hold when transferring me to prepaid department. Prepaid said no it can't be activated despite what both the Activation Departmeent and the In Store Sales Manager said about it being able to get activated. So why 3 different stories from (2 stores from 611) VS an In Store Sales Manager. Conflicting information can anyone explain what I should do. The store manager said since it's a samsung direct model the store couldn't help activate it but it was able to be activated but only by calling 611 or 1-888-944-9400 and I was like oh okay sounds good will do. The Phone is directly purchased from samsung: The Phone IS NOT lost or stolen: The Phone is NOT ON CONTRACT: The Phone IS PAID IN FULL. Now how does one go about doing the activation for crying out loud when the employees don't have the same story.

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