iPhone 6S+ 64GB Silver *MINT*

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I used this phone for a day, kept it as a reserve or backup, never needed it. 


It is listed on Swappa (Here) TUSCC members get a better deal!

EDIT: cant hyperlink, idk why:








































Like brand new, without the sticker holding the box together or the film on the device - other than that, no scratches (not even those hologram/hairline teeny tiny ones) - this thing is mint. It's been in the box since the day after I bought it.  Comes with everything, phone, charger, cable, sim card tool, book, box, and I'll personally draw a smiley face on the inside of the box if you want default_android-smile.png



If you REALLY need a return, let me know.


Asking Price:

$ 350 (Apple says it's worth $460ish fwiw) via paypal, I will ship it via flat-rate USPS or UPS Ground (your choice no additional cost) and provide tracking.


Feel free to make offers, too.


If anyone knows how I can provide proof of clean IMEI (like we do with checksum verification?) Idk how to prove that 3rd party.


Please PM me with any questions or ask here in the forum!







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That is a hell of a deal. Too bad A} I don't need a phone or know anyone who does and 2} don't want an iPhone.

But I'll ask around to all the people I know in real life

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Sounds like a plan, let me know when you can. : )


I'll also entertain Pixel XL and Pixel 2 trades or trades +/- X


I have several phones I want to sell but this is my only real "mint" one. The rest are well used and I don't want to sell a potential dud to anyone here (unless you want a dud?)


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