Can an unlocked Moto E Plus(4th gen) be activated on U.S. Cellular?

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My wife and I have always been loyal to Motorola, simply becaiuse we've always been happy with their phones. We both had the first gen Moto X, which we both liked, and when mine started having issues, I went to the Pure, which I still use. The Pure is too big for my wife, especially because she has carpal tunnel, and it is just annoying. She settled for the Samsung S7, and I know it's a good phone, but she misses the simplicity of the Moto X, which I still have with my Pure. U.S. Cellular has the Moto E Plus, 4th Generation, on their site, and so I figured an unlocked one would work as well. It seems like a decent phone, and a little smaller than the Pure, so as far as size, it may work for her.

I can save a little money on an unlocked one, but wanted to check here first.


Thanks, in advance!

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