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Werid Display Issue

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Hi All,

I have a Galaxy S6 running Android 6.01.

Yesterday morning, all my games were working fine.  Yesterday evening, suddenly every game I run displays like the resolution was reduced to Atari 2600 levels, and then scaled up to fit the screen... In other words, gigantic blurry blocks instead of pictures.

Here's a link to a screenshot of what I see when I run any game... This is how the title screen to Animation Throwdown looks now.  All games look similar, except Star Trek Timelines which goes back to normal after I proceed past the title screen.  No other games go back to normal after the title screen.

As you can see, system overlays display perfectly fine.  Text boxes within games do not (such as the upgrade notice in Clash of Clans).  I can watch videos and view pictures just fine.  The problem only shows when I run a game.

I'm hoping somehow I accidentally messed up some setting, but I fear some module on my GPU is failed.


Things I've tried:


1)  Restarted device

2)  Cleared data/cache on on or two games (that I didn't care if I lost my progress in)

3)  Cleared cache and Dalvik in recovery

4)  Ran 3D Mark and Antutu benchmarks... all tests displayed normally.

5)  Downloaded Game Tuner and tried to force different resolutions for games (no change whatsoever)

Any ideas?


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