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Does anybody use a Pixel XL on USCC and have trouble keeping LTE? I just picked up a Pixel XL 128GB (Verizon model with the locked bootloader) from Woot and am having trouble with the LTE keeping signal. Below are some readings reading the dbm and asu:

-89dbm, 50 asu
-104, 37
-105, 35
-102, 99


What I see happening is that the LTE signal starts out "good" then after a minutes gets weaker and the signal bars go empty for 2-3 seconds and then LTE comes back. This happens when the ASU hits 99. The Pixel constantly does this yet I haven't noticed a hit on the battery as if the device were constantly scanning for signal.


I took the SIM and put it in my Nexus 6P and the signal was much more reliable & stable, below are some numbers for dbm & asu:

103dbm, 37 asu
102, 38


For laughs, I set the Pixel to 3G and got these numbers and didn't loose connection:

86 dbm, 4 asu


I saw that the Pixel XL does have issue with weak reception and the TMobile & Verizon LTE bands have been problematic but it may have been a manufacturing issue that has since been corrected. I'm wondering if I received an unlucky refurb model from Woot. Any other Pixel experience on USCC is appreciated, because I can't have a phone that constantly looses signal, so I'm really thinking I'll need to return this ASAP.



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I know how to fix this issue. Settings > Network & internet > Mobile network > Advanced > Access Point Names. Now, this is the important part. Copy down all of the information in both of the APN's. MAKE SURE IT IS RIGHT! Now click the 3 dots on the top right. Make new APS with the same information and delete the old ones. Once done change the preferred network type in the mobile networks setting to LTE (recommended). Restart phone. You're welcome. You have no idea how long it took for me to figure this out. 

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